Our main ambition is to help students achieve, and to empower them with many of the tools that they will need in order to overcome any life obstacle. Our assemblies and character-based education are designed to inspire, motivate and empower students in many areas of life and scholastic achievement. We offer many different varieties of an educational experience for your students, and they are all captivating. We look forward to having the opportunity of partnering with you to bring your school, and your students, an exciting experience.

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 *Church and State Policy

Dear public school administrator,

Michigan Youth Alive is a non-profit 501C3 organization that empowers K-12th grade students to live the best life possible. We have been doing this through public school assemblies and community events for over 16 years.

Our assemblies focus on positive life change through better choices and the undeniable worth of every student. We do not allow any faith-based content in our school assemblies for any reason.

Any faith-based programs we may do are coordinated separately from our public school events. Attendance for any faith-based event is voluntary, open to the public and is not sponsored by public school districts.

Our track record has proven us to be a trustworthy partner for public school educators because we desire to work with you in the way that serves you best.  References are available upon request.

Thank you for doing what you do.

Jason Forsman
Michigan Youth Alive Director


The Seven Projet

The Seven Project is an assembly program your students will talk about years later. Bringing a high energy, multimedia event, The Seven Project uses dynamic speakers to present a message of hope that students need to hear. Discussing some of the leading issues that teens struggle with, Seven Project will address these issues, and encourage students to never give up!

Call for pricing!

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My Life Tour

The MyLife Tour presents students with a relevant message and a call to action to help students rise to the challenge in front of them. The challenge: To take responsibility for their life, their school, and their world and go do something great.


Pricing: $2000.00